I recently completed a project for Celebrity Cruise Lines - a design and build for new events onboard several of their ships.  On four of their ships, we have launched Liquid - an ultra-lounge event involving circus acts, mermaids, pulsating music and beautiful people.  I designed and built a custom ground-supported lyra, with a setup time of about 60 seconds.  This event takes place in the Solarium on four ships.

Building upon the framework of Liquid, Celebrity commissioned me to create props for another event - Indulgence.  An immersive two hour event, Indulgence is a combination of burlesque, fantastic food, circus, imaginative drinks and colorful characters who sing and entertain guests.  Using the base from the lyra, i created a spinning swing, a "gilded cage" which includes aerial points for any single or dual point apparatus, a LED illuminated serving dress, a champagne skirt (with 112 glass capacity), a pop-up stage (complete with proscenium, curtains, lights, and sound) and custom built draperies to surround guests in plush red velvet.  See the gallery below for images from Indulgence! 

Champagne dress

Gilded Cage - designed to be set at multiple heights, with pullout stage in front.

Swing - using lyra base from Liquid

LED serving skirt - internally lit by LED, worn around waist by performer.