Another project for the same company as the moon (see the previous post) was an aerial cage.  This is an all  stainless steel constructed cage, with a transparent floor.  At almost 9' tall and 5' wide, this cage is large and in charge, just like the club. With five LED strips lining the inside of the cage, the performer inside is illuminated at all angles, from any height.  The cage is designed to fly, and can even have a point mounted on the inside to use this for a ground supported rig.  This is not a fragile, delicate piece, but a unit made to hold up to the rigours of aerial performance and stand the test of time.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, order one for yourself, or we can design one modified to your specifications.  Everything I design like this is completely custom.  Looking for something amazing for your act or venue?  Give me a call!

Aerial Cage