During the hot and humid summer months here in South Florida, it is not a busy time in the Entertainment Industry.  Having just come off a busy spring, and plenty of work coming up in the fall, this is a time to collect.  Clean your tools, fix a couple things here and there, and most importantly, improve your knowledge.  Signing up for classes, reading new publications, attending shows and conventions, all of this is beneficial for increasing one's knowledge.  

I believe that it is important to always improve - to learn and grow as a technician.  There are always things to improve upon, and I strive to gain as much knowledge as I can.  It makes you more competent and safer, which helps everyone around you stay safe as well.  You cannot just watch out for yourself, you must always watch out for those around you.  Speak up (in a courteous way) - your co-workers will thank you for it!