Today is a day off, which I do appreciate.  However, when I am at work, it is a lot of fun!  I am working on a feature film at the moment, and the pace is hectic.  Moving at light speed, setting things up for a shot before the sun goes away, making sure not to run over anyone in the process... it's really cool.  And when there are 100 of your co-workers all blasting around the set the same way - it's really something to see.  Chatting with my crew yesterday, we all agreed it is just not in our nature to stand around or be lazy at work.  Drives us nuts!  I'd much rather be under the gun doing a project.  There is a small minority in the industry who feel that slowing down will make you more money.  I respectfully disagree - you make more money by doing a great job quickly and safely, which will then motivate people to hire you to do that great job for them again.  It's not just a paycheck, it's a labor of love.  How about you - is your job a labor of love as well?  If not, why not?  You will get so much more out of life doing what you are passionate about.  Give it a try!