I build a great many things for people.  most recently, I was comissioned to build an extremely stable, portable, ground supported circus rig.  This company is called Flying Arrow Productions, and the piece was a Lollypop Lyra.  In many locations where they are asked to provide high quality entertainment, they are not able to rig from the existing structure.  Sometimes this is due to the fragile or historical nature of the venue, or sometimes it's just that there is no place to rig from!  So, after a few creative meetings, I created this - 


AT 11' tall, this steel and aluminum structure breaks down into small, easy to manage bags.  This image shows the lyra with one of the scenic treatments we use for the piece.  The pole and lyra rotate, which bring an additional dimension to the piece.  Setup takes less than 10 minutes, and the entire unit fits easily in the trunk of a hybrid sedan!  Contact me if you would like to create your own custom creation.