I heard a comment the other day - if everyone were to sign their name on what they did, the quality would be better.  There is a large amount of apathy when it comes to work.  Many people only want to do the bare minimum to get by.  Phrases like , "It looks good from my house" or "Good enough for government work" abound.  Why is that?  The past few days I was building the sets for a theater in Coral Gables called the Area Stage Company.  They are doing a production of Snoopy.  It was my first time working for them, and it was a lovely experience.  Very cool people, which makes for a great working environment!  

When I had finished building everything (which really was only a few items - cubes, a dog house, some funky pyramid  shapes) they told me that they had never had someone who had put as much care into their work.  I really appreciated that comment.  I love what I do, and take a lot of pride in what I build.  I just don't understand why that is so unusual.  Isn't a job well done a really great feeling?  Standing back and looking at what you did with pride, there is something really wonderful about that.  So, would you sign your work?  I would, every time.