After all the performance is done, be it for film, stage, or television, the time comes when everything you built gets taken down - destined for either the warehouse or the trash heap.  The trash heap is much more fun, as you get to break stuff!  We just finished the production phase of the New Line Cinema release of "Rock of Ages", due to come out June 2012.  While our non-disclosure agreement keeps us from sharing any details from the production that was done in private, I can share this...

We had built a version of LA's famed Sunset Boulevard in here in Miami (circa 1987), complete with the Venus Club, the Bourbon Room, and the Rainbow Bar and Grill.  In the following video, you see me (up in the lift), knocking down the Rainbow Bar facade from the shoot.  Just a great big flat, after all.  While most things we took down nicely to be saved, this one just got trashed.  Fun!



The music for the clip is a portion of Demolition Man from the Police.