Rigging for the Aerialist

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Jessica Lauren Jones - 268.jpg

Rigging for the Aerialist


Educational Workshop for Aerialists, dance and circus schools, gyms, yoga studios, performance venues, anyone who is involved with the aerial arts.

This workshop is meant to help bring aerialists a better awareness about their rigging, and what will help keep them and those around them safe.

Some of the things covered during this four-hour course

  • What constitutes a safe point
  • How to choose your gear
  • Dynamic Load, and why it is important
  • How and when to bring up safety concerns
  • And much more!

Anyone attending will leave with the tools to help keep them safe.  Then it is up to you to use them!

Everyone can bring their gear if they would like to have it looked at.  While not a full inspection, we can discuss any concerns you may have. 

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